/e/ and Wikipedia

/e/ has been discovered to have abused Wikipedia [2] via multiple sock-puppet users to promote themselves and their /e/ dis-product.

It began when the article on /e/ was nominated for deletion, which saw multiple single purpose accounts created to falsely oppose the AFD (Article For Deletion) nomination, and resulted in an initial sock-puppet investigation being launched, unfortunately without effect.

Later, the sock-puppet accounts began adding false, unnecessary and promotional information to the /e/ article (see history starting from here).

After that, a “controversy and criticism” section was added to the article by Wikipedian Yae4 which was immediately targeted by sock-puppet users Caliwing and Indidia 2.

Even though the section was later removed for being considered biased by the greater Wikipedia community, a new sock-puppet investigation was launched, and resulted in the two sock-puppet users being blocked from further Wikipedia activity.

Unfortunately, Mnair69 [2], who has a clear conflict of interest with the /e/ article working for the /e/ foundation, has not yet been exposed and blocked.

We at ewwlo will continue working to make that so.

Gaël has also used Wikipedia sock-puppetry (specifically, edits by the aforementioned sock-puppet accounts) to promote himself and his Mandrake GNU/Linux dis-distribution.

Ewwlo has a chart of all known /e/ sock-puppet and single-purpose accounts:

Account name Blocked Created on Primary activity
Caliwing Yes 10th February 2017 Promoting /e/, Gael, and Mandrake GNU/Linux
Indidea Yes 14th June 2013 See Caliwing
Patrick lp No 7th December 2018 Opposing the deletion nomination for the /e/ article
Amitkma No 3rd December 2018 See Patrick lp
Olivierd13 No 15th May 2013 See Patrick lp
FranckLefevre No 29th November 2011 See Patrick lp, and small amounts of insignificant editing to add legitimacy
AlexduCens No 3rd December 2018 See Patrick lp, and generic vandalism later reverted by the Wikipedia edit filter

NOTE: Patrick LP may be a real person (https://t.me/ewwlo/7406)

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